Little Free Library of Garden Valley
at Hansen Woodland Farm

Kiosk containing Little Free Library of Garden Valley

Hansen Woodland Farm is proud to host the Little Free Library of Garden Valley, #5495 of Little Free Library movement... sharing books and building community in rural Eastern Washington.

We love the notion of fostering community here in our Garden Valley... the area is peaceful, beautiful, inspiring... and our neighbors are good, hard-working people who care about one another.

Thus, we wanted to contribute to our community -- to give a little something back -- by joining the Little Free Library movement and curating a neighborhood center of literacy, learning, and love (of reading).

Actual library of Little Free Library of Garden Valley And as with many of the other libraries within the Little Free Library movement, we wanted our library to also be a piece of art. As you can see in the top picture, our brightly-colored library sits within a kiosk near our southeastern gate... and includes a bench so that visitors can sit and browse our book collection.

And we already have neighbors who are interested in donating books to our collection... and thus, our collection takes on its own life. We hope to keep a nice mix of fiction and non-fiction, with something of interest to ALL readers!

Final Thoughts on Our Little Free Library of Garden Valley

Outside a few Little Free Libraries located in the Spokane area, our library at Hansen Woodland Farm is the only Little Free Library in Northeast Washington -- and the only one located in a rural area.

We hope you'll stop by for a book, sit on the bench and contemplate the beauty of our area, and share our love of reading... and community.

Learn more about this neighborhood library movement by visiting the Little Free Library.

Read the press release about our Little Free Library of Garden Valley.

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