About the Products Offered by Our Farm...

Because we are just in the first phase of our farm development, we are currently not offering any products for sale at this time.

We appreciate your interest in Hansen Woodland Farm, and look forward to serving you in the future!

We will be adding useful articles related to farming, forestry, and ranching from time-to-time, including:

  • Quick Tips and Checklist for Raising Chickens from Day-Old Chicks
  • How to Make a Small Chicken Coop from Shipping Skids/Pallets... And a Few More Materials -- for Under $200... in Just One Weekend!
  • How to Make a Greenhouse Planting Bench... for Under $25... in Just One Day!
  • Building Trails Through the Forest: How, Why
  • Five Reasons to Thin Your Forestland.
  • Forestry, Forest Practices, Silviculture Glossary for Beginning Foresters.

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